Dosing Pump



Unique is the noiseless pump & have been designed to provide an efficient trouble-free operation without generating any kind of noise. These pumps are compact motor driven and operate on a direct 230 V AC supply. Can Set 0 – 5 LPH @7 kg by strokes adjustment by digital keys on display itself.


·         Controls with digital Displays and Keys

·         Air Release

·         Highly polished zirconia balls offer excellent NRV characteristics.

·         Braided 20kg/cm2 class tubing to prevent pinching

·         110 -230 V power supply.

·         Teflon Diaphragm

·         Compact and good aesthetics

·         Absolutely noiseless operation

·         Easy Maintenance



 Injection Check Valve

The injection check valve is a spring loaded non-return valve which prevents the water in the pressurized pipeline from returning back.

Foot Valve
The foot valve is a non-return valve with a strainer to ensure that any dirt particles in the chemical being dosed is filtered before entering the pump.


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