Aqualine Filter Cartridge

 Aqua Line Filter Cartridge 

v   Lower Capital Cost

Ø  50% reduction in capital expenditure over typical steel vessels.

Ø  Cost saving could more significant when compare to lined vessels or exotic metals.


v            Lower Operating Costs


Ø  Extended surface media leads to longer element life, which equals fewer change outs.

Ø  High tech media, such as polyform and microform, deliver efficiently and performance required.

    v   Faster Change Outs

Ø  Access to Aqualine filtration elements required virtually no tools.

Ø  The elements are self guiding during installation and retrieval.

Ø  There are no center posts that could cause contamination during change out.

Ø  The modular design allows for sequenced change out to eliminate downtime.

    v  Smaller Equipment Foot Print

Ø  Codeline FRP housings are modular, which elements stand alone housing.

Ø  They can easily fill in vacant location on and RO skid.

Ø  An Aqualine skid can take up far less floor space than a traditional vessel required for the same flow.

Ø  Easy, ergonomic design eliminates the needs for heavy support equipment, such as cranes.

    v  Specification

Ø  Removal Rating – 1, 5 & 10 µ

Ø  Filter Diameter – 17.5 cm

Ø  Filter length – 102 & 152 cm

Ø  Max. Operating Temp. – 82oC

Ø  Recommended Flow – 950 lpm

Ø  Max. Flow – 1890 lpm

Ø  Recommended Change out Differential pressure – 2.07 bar


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