225H Resin

Ion Exchange 225H Resin 


INDION 225H is a premium grade strong acid cation exchange resin containing sulphonic acid groups. It is based on cross-linked polystyrene and has a gel structure. The resin has high capacity and excellent kinetics.


INDION 225 H in hydrogen form is used as a first step in de-ionising. Technical data for co-flow and counter current regeneration is given in this literature.

Two stage de-ionising

Two stage de-ionising uses two units in series - the first containing INDION 225 H as cation exchanger and second containing strong base anion exchanger Type I resins such as INDION FFIP/GS 300/810 or Type II resins such as INDION NIP/GS 400/820.

Mixed bed de-ionsing

When treated water of highest possible quality is required, INDION 225 H strong acid cation exchange resin is used with INDION FFIP in a mixed bed unit. A mixed bed is often operated as the last unit in a de-ionising stream to act as a “polisher” for producing water of highest quality. 


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