Ion Pure EDI

 Ionpure EDI Modules

The Ionpure EDI modules are specifically designed for industrial applications.  Ionpure modules consistently deliver maximum reliability and superior performance for power, HPI/CPI, general electronics, food and beverage and laboratory applications without regeneration downtime.

 The EDI modules are the perfect choice for mid-size flowrate CEDI systems (up to 100 gpm (22 m3/h).  LX-X modules are used widely in all industries where further polishing of RO permeate water is needed. 

 In the LX module, the spacers are stacked up in a conventional plate-and-frame arrangement, with alternating product and reject compartments. 

 Key Features……

  • No Regeneration Required
  • No need of any chemicals
  • Low running cost
  • None salt sucking system


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