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Open Impeller and Close Impeller Motor –Driven Centrifugal Pumps in AISI 304


Open-impeller (DWO) and closed impeller (DWC) motor driven centrifugal pumps.  DWO pumps are particularly suitable for washing vegetable, meat, fish, shellfish.  Suitable for industrial end-of-cycle washing systems, washing and surface fishing systems for metal parts, cans, washing systems for bottle, jars, glass containers, crates, baskets, etc… Dishwashers, glass washers, cup washers for communities, hospitals etc., spray booths, and handling, removal and transfer of liquids, including liquid containing solids. DWC pumps are particularly suitable for refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems, chillers, washing systems and residential, commercial and industrial water supply.


Technical Specifications

·         Max. working pressure : 8 bar

·         Max. liquid temperature : -5oC +90oC (DWO)

-15oC to 90oC (DWC)

+110oC (H-HS-HW version)

·         Max Size of Solids Handling : 19 mm (only for DWO)

·         Capacity up to 45 m3/hr (DWC) 3 66 m3/hr (DWO)


·         Total Head up to 25m (DWC) e17.5m (DWO)

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