Pressure Booster System


3GP pressurisation units have the following applications:
• Water supply to building service distribution systems
• Generic industrial water supply
• Irrigation for gardens, parks and sports facilities


• Three EVMG series pumps with 2-pole self-ventilating asynchronous
motor, efficiency class IE2 for three-phase motors starting from 4 kW
• Controller: control panel with alternating pump system
• Pressure switch pump regulation
• Corrosion resistant materials for all components in contact with fluids
• Galvanised steel base
• Galvanised steel manifolds (AISI 304, AISI 316 available on request).
The manifolds are sized in relation to the total flow rate of the
pressurisation unit
• Intake/delivery shut-off valves on each pump
• Intake side check valve on each pump
• Delivery side pressure gauge
• Equipped for connection to delivery side accumulation tank
• Equipped for hook up to external air supplies
• Equipped for hookup to dry run protection equipment

CE Marked protection and control panel
• Very low voltage control circuit
• Motor start/stop controlled by 3 pressure switches
• Optional connection to float switches or minimum pressure switch to
prevent dry running
• Switches the start sequence of the pumps at each request
• Power: three-phase 400V, 50 Hz
• Starting:
- direct for powers up to 7.5 kW
- star/delta for powers over 7.5 kW
• Power circuit fuses
• Control circuit fuses
• Protection rating IP 55
• Master circuit breaker with door interlock
• Auto - 0 - Man switches on each pump
• Thermal cutout reset
• Warning leds:
- power on
- motor run
- level alarm (with optional float switch)
- motor in protection
• Equipped for alarm signal output

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