High Purity Water Generation Systems


Seven Seas Solutions High Purity water Generation Systems are designed and manufactured for treating different types of water developing on its source and quality. These plants are available as pre-engineered packaged standard plants or custom built as per the project requirements.

Important features of Hydropure RO-EDI Plants:

·         Pre-engineered packaged plants and custom built plants as per URL

·         The plants can be either chemical or hot water Sanitisable

·         Complete system CE approval

·         Complete design with low footprint

·         Plants manufactured as per ASME, BPE and ISPE Guidelines

Advantages of RO-EDI Plants:

·         Compact and modular design

·         Low operating cost

·         No regeneration and hence no/minimum, chemical consumption

·         Easy to operate and maintain, maintain, requires practically no maintenance

·         Very high reliability


·         Consistent performance in achieving conductivity, microbial and TOC rejection.

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